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Top Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my image brighter / enhance my images?

There are two ways to brighten your images if they are dark. First you'll need to drag and drop your image onto the page and then left click to select it.

Once this is done, click on the 2nd icon at the top right hand corner to access the tools menu. You can use the Brightness and Contrast slider bars to adjust your image or use the one click Auto-Enhance feature. These tools can be used to adjust your images so that the brightness level throughout the album is consistent for better results.

I have activated my voucher code. Why is it not showing up in my account?

The email entered into the Activation Page will need to be the same as your registered email with us. If you do not see the activated voucher code in your "My Profile" page, you could have used a different email to sign up with us. The voucher code can still be used upon checkout.

Note: Voucher codes activated before September 12, 2014 will only show up under your account after it has been redeemed.

You will be required to enter the voucher code once again in the Shopping Cart under the Voucher Code section. Click "Redeem" and the discounted price will be reflected.

Can I combine promotions or vouchers?

No. You are unable to combine promotions, Groupons’, discounts, vouchers, deals, etc, together on one order. Please review the Terms and Conditions for your particular discount code or voucher for more information.

How do I extend my voucher?

You are able to extend your prepaid vouchers and Groupon vouchers which have been converted, those vouchers are only extendable 7 days prior to expiration.

To do so, you need to sign in and sign up to your account here.

Under ‘My Vouchers’ on the left panel, find your voucher which you wish to extend and click ‘Extend my Voucher’, the voucher validity period will be extended by 21 days.

Note that the 'extend my voucher' feature will only appear 7 days prior to expiration and is not applicable for Groupon vouchers which can not be converted (e.g all Groupon vouchers starting with 'G').

My voucher doesn't work, what should I do?

Try copying and pasting the code from your voucher PDF into the Voucher field and click on the Redeem button. Please don't use the Security Code or Barcode and leave out the # symbol if applicable.

Also, double check to see if you have created the correct product that corresponds with the voucher. The product size/style can be found at the top of the screen in Photobook Designer.

For Groupon customers, please check if you have converted your voucher code in the webpage below, the voucher code and security code will be in the voucher PDF sent via email by Groupon.
Upon conversion, you will be receiving a voucher from Photobook which can be used at checkout.
If it still doesn't work, email us the voucher PDF and we'll be able to check it for you.

Can I order multiple books at a time?

You can order multiple copies of the same book (style, size and design), but not different designs, styles or sizes of books in one order.

Cannot connect to server?

This error message occurs when your internet/networks security settings are set to high and typically occurs if you are connecting from a business/work network.

To fix this, you can:
a) Download and install a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox OR
b) Temporarily disable your internet security (Norton, AVG, etc...) and firewalls
c) Another alternative is to use mobile internet or a free wifi connection to place your order (takes a 5 mins) which will then allow you to export the files and upload from the original network connection.

What is the purpose of the red and blue lines?

The blue line is the outline of your page. However, for safety measure, you are advised to keep all critical contents inside the red line but to avoid white lines at the edge of the page, the picture will need to be extended to the blue line.

Why is my order status "Waiting for Files"?

If your order status is 'Waiting for Files', this means we have received your order in our system but not your project and photos required to print the order. We would have sent email reminders at regular intervals with the details to upload. Please check your Spam folder if you haven't received it.

Can I pick up my book?

No. Pick up is not available. Shipping can take 1 – 4 business days depending on your location. During peak periods or voucher redemption periods, priority production may not be available due to high order volumes. If your order is urgent, please place your order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Can I change the style/size of my project?

Yes, you can if the project was created using Version 3 and above. Simply click and choose the respective book size that you would like to change to and click "Change".

Please double check your artwork before submitting as the layout may be affected by the change.

Note: This does not work with projects created in Version 2.x.x, or certain Readybook Templates.

I get error messages in Photobook Designer?

Critical Error - This error message occurs when an image on a particular page(s) is too large for your computer to process. The upload will stall on the affected page and the maximum image size would need to be less than 8MB or 600dpi. To fix this, you must locate the original image file on your computer and reduce the size. Then, re-import it in the software.

Low Quality Images - This error message occurs when the image is enlarged too much based on its resolution. We recommend that your images be 300 DPI for the best print quality. If you are happy with what appears on screen, then proceed with your order as you are still able upload and use the affected image(s). Just keep in mind, the print might not be as clear.

Missing Pictures - This error message occurs when the image(s) has been moved/deleted/renamed from where it was originally or it could have been on a USB/CD/DVD which is no longer in the computer. To fix this, you can:
  1. Put your images back where they originally were then reopen your project OR
  2. You can open your project and then select Find Missing Pictures. After you do that, simply update the photos or folders that you moved.
Empty Text Box / Picture Boxes - This error message occurs when a text box or picture box is empty. To fix this, you will need to located the empty box on the page. If you can’t locate it, completely delete everything on the affected page(s) to ensure that you have found and deleted all of the empty picture and text boxes. To successfully delete everything on the page, hold the CTRL + A button on your keyboard at the same time, then press the Delete button. You will then need to redesign the page.

Can I transfer my current project to another computer?

This is possible but the chances of a software conflict may occur. To do so, download and install Photobook Designer on the 2nd computer and create a project file with the same name and book type. Save the project and then copy a folder called Photobook Designer Projects from the first computer and overwrite this folder on the new computer. Then, copy the folder of images to the new computer. When you open the the new project file, the photobook software will ask you to link the images to the software again as the location of the image files has changed.

How do I reorder a book?

You can re-order your book using your online store account without having to upload the files again.
  1. Log in to your account by using the My Projects option at the top of this webpage.
  2. Click on "Current Orders" or "Previous Orders" and there will be a "Reorder" option for the project.

Slow upload time?

It is normal to experience a slow upload time. This is due to a number of factors; your internet connection, higher than normal volume of orders and uploads, etc. If you would like to try to upload at a later time, you may cancel now and try again later. To upload at a later time, follow these steps (you will not be asked again to pay):
  1. Open your existing project in Photobook Designer
  2. Click on the green color shopping cart button on the right side of your toolbar
  3. Tick on the Disclaimer check box and click Start button
  4. Select Upload Finished Pages, click Continue and the upload process starts
  5. Once the upload is completed, you can proceed to close the window

Tips while using online editor / ready books:

  • Check your browser and make sure it's up to date
  • Try to keep to a maximum photo size of 8 MB / 300 DPI and in JPG format
  • Try to load no more than 10-20 photos at one go