Versatility with Softcover photo books

Our lightweight and versatile Softcover books have grown in popularity among our clients over the years. The Softcover type is portable and durable, as perfect for sharing with family and friends as it is for keeping. The cover of Softcover books allows entire personalization and they are perfect for all occasions - as personalized story books for babies, vacation memories, portable portfolios for showcasing original works or just to highlight any life events.

Ideal For

Baby/Newborn, Birthday, Children's Storybook, Gifts, Corporate Portfolio


  • Medium Portrait - 8" x 11"
  • Small Square - 8" x 8"
  • Small Landscape - 8" x 6"
  • Mini Square - 6" x 6"


190gsm Photo Lustre
190gsm E-Photo Matt

Softcover books are printed on high-quality photo paper that is both water resistant and dirt-repellent. They are fitting for capturing all the special moments in life, and a bunch of them would constitute an attractive collection.

Premium Paper : 190gsm Photo Lustre

Offering the look and feel of a genuine photo print, the 190gsm Photo Lustre paper offers brilliant colors, depth of contrast, low reflection, and outstanding image quality.

Lightweight and Flexible

The durable quality of our Softcover books makes it convenient for you to share your memories with your friends and family. The carry-friendly sizes they come in make them the perfect portable accessory.

Ideal Gift

Our Softcover books make them ideal gifts for any occasion. They are perfect as gifts for someone's baby shower or perhaps for friends to remember your trip together.

We create photo albums for different reasons and occasions and with that in mind, Photobook Canada offers you the versatility of our softcover photo books. They are lightweight and can be used for any and every occasion you have pictures of and want to make a book of. They’re easy to carry which also makes them easy to showcase. You can easily take it to your friends and family to show them photos from your recent trip. Or keep it in your purse and have it always ready to show to a prospective client. If you’re looking for a photo book that is packed with all the goodness it should have, minus the bulkiness, softcover photo books are the answer.

But lightweight doesn’t mean easy-to-break. Sure, it’s not as heavy as our hardcover books but the materials we make our softcover albums with are the best of the best. You get the same paper quality, top notch printing, perfect binding --- minus the weight. They come in different sizes, too, so you’ll have many options. You get to design it just the way you want, with your choice of what picture to put on the cover. It’s everything you’d expect from a great photo album, only it doesn’t weigh as much.