He asked for your hand in marriage and you gleefully said "Yes". You can now hear the bells ringing and you just cannot contain the excitement. But what do you do after being presented with a ring and a promise of lifetime togetherness? Well, worry no more, as we're here to help you savour each and every moment of your engagement.

To get you a better idea on how to go about this wonderful journey, we've come up with a list of things to do for you to enjoy this moment.

Share the love. Tell family and friends about the good news. Do it personally or through phone. You sure don't want an important relative to hear about the news on your Facebook status or an announcement on Twitter.

Set the date and seal the deal. It doesn't have to be the exact date, you can say "next fall" or "we were thinking of early next year". Having a tentative date to tell friends and family will make them feel part of your wedding journey.

Budget it. Talk to your husband-to-be about the budget and ask your and his parents if they will help with the cost. This will help you get a clear picture of how much you can spend and how much you still have to save up for.

Theme dream. Decide where and what kind of theme you would like for your wedding. This will help you in knowing which vendors, caterers, florists, and cake decoratorsto consider for your dream day. We have a few friends who have tied the knot and their wedding books may give you a peek at how they planned their wedding.

List it down. Organize your initial wedding guest list. Trim or add as your wedding day approaches.

Dress it up. Have your dress done, as well as your entourage's so there will be plenty of time for alterations.

Gifted. Register your chosen gifts at favourite stores so friends and family would know what you would like to receive easier.

Accommodate. Some of your guests might be flying from out of town and it's best to scout for accommodations for them.

Look forward. Plan your honeymoon. Do you want a beach escapade or a simple out-of-town trip? This is the best time to plan and look forward to it, plus you get to have more time to save up.

It's final. Finalize the number of guests you would want to have for your wedding. You'd want to remember all the guests who attended your wedding and it would be best to have a guest book on your special day. Click here for a few choices you might want to check out.

First impression. Order your wedding invitations and stationery. Opt to have them crafted to reflect you and your hubby-to-be's personalities.

For favours. Start ordering wedding favours for your family and guests.

Get legal. Accomplish the requirements for getting a marriage license and other necessary documents.

The groom and his men. Arrange the groom's and his men's attires. Note that they don't take as long as girls to have their dresses picked out.

Do and face. Set an appointment with your hairdresser and make-up artist.

Fun in photos and motion. Contact your chosen photographer and videographer. Get inspiration from couples who have had their photos taken during their engagement here and find out how you want yours to turn out.

Almost there. Apply for a marriage license.


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