Going for a well-deserved holiday? Get useful tips and tricks from Photobook Worldwide.

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Each destination is a setting for a story waiting to happen. Have you gone to a beach halfway around the world? Have you discovered sights that remained etched in your memory? Do you want to see the tallest building in the world? Discover the many places the world has to offer, appreciate each moment and tell your story. Wander the world and let us take this journey with you.

  • All is well. Make sure that everything at home is set before you go on your holiday.
  • Security! Make sure that all the locks in your house work well.
  • The early bird catches the worm. Get the necessary documents for your travel as early as possible.
  • Dress right. Dress appropriately for your destination and the occasion.
  • Pack light. Pack a few essential items and you're good to go.
  • Health comes first. Bring a medicine bag and a first-aid kit for any health emergency.
  • Photo-palooza. Pack your camera and its accessories and click, click, click on your vacation. See how other vacationists have captured their travel memories.

Before boarding the plane or getting on the train

A few snaps while on the way

Scenery whilst in transit

You and your family at the hotel

The skyline

Morning sunrise

The beach

Interesting creatures on the beach
(crablets, starfishes, etc)

Your sumptuous meals

Family or friends having fun under the sun


Take lots of pictures of places, words and
other symbols unique to that country

Candid shots

Get creative with your photos and start compiling them into artistically designed books! Make sure that you capture each moment and get the chance to relive them through gorgeous books. Find out how you can do it here.

Have a vision. Think of how you would want your photo to look like and plan it.
Rule of Thirds. Do not settle for static, centered images. Experiment!
Look for focal points. Find an interesting subject and frame your image differently.
Sequence is key. Take pictures in a way that they convey a story; don't just point and shoot.
Measure exposure. Make sure that you don't overexpose or underexpose your subject.
Shoot before sunset. The colors of the beach before sunset are amazing to capture.
Black and white. Capture silhouettes and shadows and give your pictures a classic look.

With those tips, you'll be shooting like a pro in no time but we can also give you a few options in designing a book of your artistic photographs here. Start snapping away and capturing your travel memories!

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