Lasting Memories

Of the many firsts in our lives, memories as students often rank high as one of the defining moments in our lives. As a student, our eyes and mind are brought into new worlds and environments. We explore new things everyday and meet new people and forge lasting friendships. These are the defining moments to remember. Look back with us and remember your first experiences as a student.

1st day
of school

Remember your first day of school? Were you nervous and scared? Or excited and confident that you can conquer the world? For most, if not all of us, the first day of school forms one of the most memorable milestones in their journey as a student. What was your experience like? Have old pictures you’ll like to turn into a gorgeous handmade photo book?

First friends

School can sometimes be a long journey - with exams, homework, but also great and fun times with friends. Remember your first BFF and the fun things you did? Look through your yearbooks for a walk down memory lane.

First party

I’m sure you remember your first party, with pictures hidden in your closet shoebox of you jumping around with your friends, or that first dance you had with your crush. It’s time you take those great photos out to relive those fun moments through . Compiling your memories is now even easier with Readybook templates, giving you a hassle-free way to treasure your memories.

First graduation

After all your hard work, it’s time to celebrate! Make a lasting memory of the occasion, take lots of pictures while jotting down memorable anecdotes and quotes from friends and mentors. Browse through this Fresh Start Readybook for ideas on how to compile your memories into a great keepsake.

How to scan your old photographs?

Have you ever browsed through some old photographs and wished you had a way to keep them without them turning all yellow and brittle? Or seen pictures in your yearbook you wanted to put in a different context? We'll help you do exactly that by giving you a quick guide on how to scan your old photographs.

  • Tools of the trade
  • Make sure that you have a scanner and a computer. Do some research and learn how to operate the machine to get maximum results.

    Tip: When scanning pictures, we suggest 300 DPI as your ideal resolution. For scanning old and smaller black and white or coloured photos, we recommend 600 DPI as the suggested resolution to accomodate for larger image enlargements. For more help, visit our supprt page.
    • Dust free
    • Remove dust from your old photos. You might want to make sure that your scanner is also free of dust and debris.

      • Set it right
      • Make sure that your scanner's settings are correct for your needs. Read the manual for it or find one online if you are unsure.

      • Name them
      • Name your pictures uniquely to make it easier for you to remember the event and to sort them.

        • Get systematized
        • Once you've started, try to develop a system. Store your scanned photos in different folders based on event or timeline. By doing so, your work flow will go much faster while affording you a wonderful trip down memory lane.

        Once you're done, you can use your freshly-scanned digital photographs for a book of memories. There's a variety of different book styles and sizes, so have a look at which you like the most. You will also be able to add notes and thoughts to better capture the essence of your memories. Check out our Readybooks for ideas and hassle-free templates that you can use with our easy-to-use yet super functional bookmaking software.

        Ideas on how to plan a reunion party.

        Been a while since you met up with your high school or college buddies? You’ve probably thought it’d take up your time to do so, but planning a reunion with friends is not only easy and hassle-free, it’s great fun to catch up with old friends again. Here’s some great ideas to help you get started on planning that great catch-up session.

        • Party Agenda
        • Choose the option that fits your objectives and is lighthearted and comfortable, so that everyone can let loose and enjoy.

          • a loud & noisy party,

          • a quiet dinner,

          • watch a play

          • gather for coffee and cake.
          Tip: Make a photo book of memories for everyone to enjoy!
          • Invitations & RSVP
          • After you come up with a list of people to invite, send an invitation either via email or any social tools like Facebook or LinkedIn. The earlier you send it, the better, as it'll give time for planning.

            • Choose Your Location
            • The location of your gathering is important as it will affect your attendance rate. Checklist:

              • easily accessible

              • festive

              • not too noisy

              • suited to your agenda
            • Budget
            • This should be a factor in your plans so as to accommodate your own purse and that of your guests. Suggestions for saving:

              • DIY decorations

              • Home-cooked food

              • Have a pot-luck
              • Food
              • Sustenance has traditionally been a focal point at gatherings and brings people onto common ground while maintaining an easy and friendly atmosphere. When planning your party menu, ensure that the cultural, medical and religious preferences of your guests are taken into consideration.

                • Party Activities
                • Depending on the personalities and preferences of your guests, you might want to plan:

                  • games

                  • a walk down memory lane

                  • browsing yearbooks

                  • wine tasting
                • Music
                • Music is a powerful influence because it can induce different experiences or moods for the listener. For your party, choose music that is:

                  • soothing

                  • background music

                  • or none at all
                  • Photo palooza
                  • Take lots of:

                    • pictures

                    • videos

                    • notes

                    With all these memories handy, why not compile them into an exquisite photo book with any of the artistic Readybook designs available on our website.

                    • Party Aftermath
                    • Share memories: After your party is concluded, why not make those great moments last with a handmade photo book? You can make one for yourself or even a few for your guests as well.

                    Want to see how easy it is to get started on making your photo book with all the fun moments of your party? Explore our range of photo books and see how our Readybook templates and fun bookmaking software makes it super easy to create your book!

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