• Blank


    From CAD34.99

  • Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    From CAD49.99

  • Happy Thoughts

    Happy Thoughts

    From CAD49.99

  • Enchanted Garden

    Enchanted Garden

    From CAD49.99

  • Green Summer

    Green Summer

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  • Summertropic


    From CAD49.99

  • Fresh Blossom

    Fresh Blossom

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  • Big Monsters

    Big Monsters

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  • Simple Click

    Simple Click

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  • Colour Sense

    Colour Sense

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  • Vintage Bloom

    Vintage Bloom

    From CAD49.99

  • Lemonade


    From CAD49.99

  • Lovely Petals

    Lovely Petals

    From CAD49.99

  • Lovely Summertime

    Lovely Summertime

    From CAD49.99

  • Love Divine

    Love Divine

    From CAD49.99

  • Real Happiness

    Real Happiness

    From CAD49.99

  • Beautiful Romance

    Beautiful Romance

    From CAD49.99

  • Perfect Adoration

    Perfect Adoration

    From CAD49.99

  • Sakura Season

    Sakura Season

    From CAD49.99

  • Life's A Beach

    Life's A Beach

    From CAD49.99

  • Urban Playground

    Urban Playground

    From CAD49.99

  • Hot Escapade

    Hot Escapade

    From CAD49.99

  • Brave Spirit

    Brave Spirit

    From CAD49.99

  • Deer Holidays

    Deer Holidays

    From CAD49.99

  • Best Christmas

    Best Christmas

    From CAD49.99

  • Dazzling Winter

    Dazzling Winter

    From CAD49.99

  • Holiday Smiles

    Holiday Smiles

    From CAD49.99

  • Jolly Good Fellow

    Jolly Good Fellow

    From CAD49.99

Personalized Tumblers Online

From commuters to urban travellers, from drivers to countryside, and from yuppies to artisans, create fully personalized Tumblers online at Photobook Canada, and enjoy your drink on the move. It’s the perfect partner to go-getters everywhere. Keep the moments that make you happiest close or even style your own signature uniqueness bumpin’ through the day, as the Tumblers can be customised to however way you want to rock it.

There are three different water bottle types to choose from -
- Tube Tumbler
- Easy Tumbler
- Travel Tumbler

The Tube Tumbler is a 22.5cm tall bottle that can fill up about 470ml. It features a screw-on cap and a rubber based bottom. Providing some hot action, it keeps your beverages well insulated and heated up to 6 hours. Cold drinks can last up to 8 hours.

Next up is the Easy Tumbler, also known as the Butterfly Tumbler due to its top dual handles that resembles butterfly wings. It stands at 18.5cm tall and fills up about 470ml as well. Because this stainless steel water bottle has a more conical shape, the designer page for it features an arc-styled template to help you make sure that your design doesn’t warp at time of printing. Meaning it doesn’t come out looking all weird with the top half of your photo looking stretched and disproportionate. Just like the Tube Tumbler, it also keeps your beverages well insulated and heated up to 6 hours, with cold drinks lasting up to 8 hours.

Different from the first two, the Travel Tumbler features a side handle, adding on convenience. It measures at 18.2 cm tall and holds about 500ml of liquid. This water bottle uses a snap-on lid with a push-back tab for sipping instead of a screw-on lid as can be seen on the other two bottles. It also features a contoured base that would fit into most car cup holders, making it easier when driving. However, the Travel Tumbler uses Polypropylene Plastic for the inner cup, which makes it fantastic for cooler liquids and warm drinks, but not so much on hot (especially boiling!) drinks.

All three stainless steel water bottle types can be made custom with your favourite photos, quotes or artwork which will be showcased in a wraparound full bleed image, giving you a 360-degree reminder of life’s greatest wherever you go. Create fully personalized Tumblers online at Photobook Canada and keep the moments that make you happiest close or even style your own signature uniqueness bumpin’ through the day.

Just be mindful that these personalized Tumblers are not meant to be spill nor leak proof, so do keep it upright to avoid any seepage. They’re best hand washed and cannot be microwaved.

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