• Blank Panoramic

    Blank Panoramic

    From CAD99.00

  • Family Memories

    Family Memories

    From CAD99.00

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things

    From CAD99.00

  • Married Ever After

    Married Ever After

    From CAD99.00

  • Mr And Mrs Love

    Mr And Mrs Love

    From CAD99.00

  • Endless Love

    Endless Love

    From CAD99.00

  • All In The Family

    All In The Family

    From CAD99.00

  • Happy Baby Happy Life

    Happy Baby Happy Life

    From CAD99.00

  • Scenic Holiday

    Scenic Holiday

    From CAD99.00

  • I Heart Dogs

    I Heart Dogs

    From CAD59.00

  • A Dog's Life

    A Dog's Life

    From CAD59.00

  • Love Eternity

    Love Eternity

    From CAD99.00

  • East to West

    East to West

    From CAD99.00

Quality Canvas Printing

Photobook Canada has one of the best commercial Canvas Printing facilities around, giving you premium print-on-demand services. We offer an extensive range of canvas sizes, shapes, variations, and designs, to meet virtually all of our customers needs and wants.

Featuring Single, Multi and Split Canvas Prints with over a dozen different themes to choose from, each and every piece is meant to showcase all the moments that are so special to you. This is why we paid extra consideration in the creation of our Canvas photo products.

Unlike standard wood-framed Canvases, ours are made from specially engineered high density foam boards to give it that sturdy yet ultra light character. The back of the Canvas has eyelets for convenient hanging, which also effectively enables you to easily (and safely!) feature it anywhere in the house ~ barely giving any tension to your walls. And unlike the standard wood-framed ones which stretch the materials, images are printed directly onto the boards which will not become loose over time.

Each piece undergoes a curing treatment after printing to not only make it moisture resistant (great news for bathrooms), but to apply UV protection as well. This secures the image colours from most environmental elements, ensuring sharp images and a long-lasting product. We want you to enjoy your photo product, making it look just as good as from the moment you first received them.

This is why our Canvas Prints have proven to be very popular with professional decorators, photographers, artists and even resellers. We’ve even removed our logo from both front and back so that the focus will always be the art.

Custom Canvas Art Photo Prints Online

Consider creating some Canvas Prints as you take some time and look through your collection of photographs that you’ve taken over the years and you’re bound to come across sweet, irreplaceable memories that means the world to you. Celebrate those memories by creating fully personalised Canvas Prints online at Photobook Canada and turning it into a wall Canvas gallery. Check out our range of photo Canvas Prints for various designs and templates that would be perfect for virtually any occasions you may ever need. Turn that sunset shot with your special someone on the Grand Beach in Manitoba or that wedding photo in Vancouver into a beautiful Photo Canvas. It’s a Canvas creation that makes for a stunning contemporary home decor, giving your home a distinctive personality.

Using our versatile Photobook software, you can fully personalise your photo Canvas Prints to make it just the way you want it to. Manipulate canvas photos elements and add or remove whatever you want to truly make it reflect your sweetest moments. It’s these conveniences that makes creating your own Canvas art super simple. We deliver the best canvas prints Canada has to offer, so have a look through our range of wall Canvas Print designs and templates and create fully personalised Canvas Prints online at Photobook Canada, turning that stunning sunset shot with your special someone on the Grand Beach in Manitoba or that wedding photo in Vancouver into a beautiful Photo Canvas.

Large Canvas Prints

The large canvas prints are easily among our best selling photo products. These are canvas photo prints that measure anywhere between 36" x 48" to 60" x 30". Design custom canvas prints that make all the difference, the ones that goes beyond highlighting your best moment, but announces it to the world. Like many other of our photo products, you can create true canvas beauties by giving it that personal attention, adding on stickers, borders, scrap items and more.

Filter our custom canvas prints through our various sizes, categories, and even by the amount of pictures you can place on the canvas photo prints. This is to make your selection process all the more easier as the amount of our print canvas designs can occasionally prove a little much for those wanting to print photos on canvas for the first time.

As we bring you the best photo canvas prints Canada has to offer, break free and design your very own canvas masterpiece ~ immortalising your favourite photographs when you print photos on canvas art prints. Really design the canvas photos with your own unique style as you showcase it on large canvas prints.

Check out Canvas Air too!

Appeal to the minimalist inside of you with the Canvas Air by Photobook Canada. It’s just like our Canvas Prints, but super thin and ultra light - perfect for those looking to enrichen their living space without taking up too much room.

Measuring at only 4.55mm thin, the Canvas Air blends into seamlessly with your wall. It requires no screws, nails or or drilling whatsoever, giving you a practically effortless installation.

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