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Personalized Custom Photo Calendars

Surround yourself with the best of life’s sweetest moments all year round as you create your very own calendar. Featuring a host of fully personalizable Calendar templates online at Photobook Canada, discover the many different designs that we have to offer, helping you make your year truly YOU-nique! Let each passing month embrace you in a different memory each and every single time as you put up different meaningful moments from your life. Have that beautiful wedding photo taken against a gorgeous backdrop at Prince Edward Island, or when you went with your buddies over to Nova Scotia.

Take it a notch up as you use those photos as reminders in lieu of notes. Use a profile photo of your friend for his birthday date, or a special heart symbol meant only for you and your special someone. Fill it all up if you want. The possibilities are limitless as you explore what you could really do with 365 days with the Photobook Canada Calendar.

Your Calendar pages are printed with Ultra Thick Premium Silk paper for the quality look and feel, and held in place using a Silver Coil bind. It comes in a four different sizes, two for the Wall Calendar format and two for the Desk Calendar format. Get started now and discover fully personalizable Calendar templates online at Photobook Canada, capturing the best of life all year long whether it’s for a wedding photo on Prince Edward Island, or with your buddies at Nova Scotia.


Make Your Own

It's all about creating it to your own unique perfection. It's about owning what you craft. Make your own photo calendar with just a few easy clicks, throwing in all your favourite photos and adventures for a truly personal and custom calendar. There are 4 different sizes to choose from and a wide range of pre-designed templates to make things a whole lot simpler. These designs range from everyday moments, beautiful weddings, wonderful seasons and so forth; each easily editable with plenty of text and image holders.

An extra cool feature as you make your own calendar is when we say personalized calendars, we actually mean it to be fully personalized calendars. Put in text, icons, photos, colours, and whatever else you may want into the date boxes to really make it stand out. Got that big 25th wedding anniversary coming up? Not a problem! Place a nice wedding photo on that special date to make it a little extra memorable.

There are 28 pages in the photo calendar, each in a default Premium Silk paper. But if you want to really make your own calendar, there is also the option to upgrade the paper type to Uncoated Smooth at the check out page. Make your own custom calendar today and celebrate each and every passing moment through the year, for life is a wonderful gift, spent in time. Select any of the designs above and create personalized calendars now for yourself, and for your loved ones.


A Desk Calendar for Every Home

Our table planners have proven to be one of our more popular photo products, being as how it is favoured in both homes and offices. With 28 pages to personalise (12 months + 12 design space + 4 cover design space), you can really make any year truly your very own.

We have 2 sizes for you to choose from:
- 11" x 5" (Desk Landscape)
- 6" x 8" (Desk Portrait)

Like our wall Calendars, the desk versions uses a silver coil binding type as well which makes it easy to flip through the entire year and its pages, which lets you to easily tear away images that you like to keep or to share it with loved ones.

Each size comes with its own special appeal, and is set to a default Premium Silk paper that gives you a smooth feel across your images. You can also upgrade to the 270gsm Ultra Thick Uncoated Smooth paper (high brightness, good archival characteristics and a non-glare surface for a softer and more tactile quality) or the more premium 205gsm High Gloss High Definition paper (Glorious shine to images, maximized colour intensity and highlights finer qualities of any photo. Gives an ultra sharp and dynamic finish).

Our intelligent optimizer feature however automatically sets the paper type for some of our products and layouts to whichever type is best to highlight the design and, consequently, your image photographs. This will be highlighted in the first checkout page under Product Options - Paper, along with the description and pricing. You can easily set it back to the default or upgrade it further by clicking on the "Change" button right next to it.

Whatever your theme may be, from romance to family, travel to epic moments, remember it throughout the year with a table calendar to call your own. It's an intimate way as you turn through the seasons for all the wonderful things you celebrate in life.

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